My Famous Lemon Chicken!

Last night I made my famous lemon chicken for dinner.I found it awhile ago at

I have made it several times and each time I make it everyone loves it.So I have dubbed it “my famous lemon chicken”..Its very easy to make and quick to assemble…I almost always double the sauce ingredients because it goes great over white rice.I didn’t realize it until today that I forgot to put the sliced lemon on top of the chicken..It didn’t take away from the taste at all,it just looks nicer with it on top.

I was pretty tired last night  while I made dinner so I forgot to take step by step pictures while making it.I promise I will next time I make it.

Here is the finished product!


I hope you give the recipe a try.I think you will all enjoy it!


2 thoughts on “My Famous Lemon Chicken!

  1. That looks delicious and sounds like something my family would love! I’m going to give it a try next week. Thanks for sharing, Hilary! How do you like blogging so far? ~~Rhonda 🙂

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