First posted menu

I have seen menu planning on several different sites and thought I would try my hand at it to stay organized with our food budget..I hope I stick to it,seems pretty easy!Everything I am planning is based on what we already have..I am trying not to go to the store at all this week,unless we absolutely have to..So here goes:

Monday-(breakfast for dinner)-scrambled eggs,sausage links,hashbrowns

Tuesday-baked raviolis,green beans,garlic bread

Wednesday-Trying a new recipe,if it comes out well,I will post pictures..,egg noodles,broccoli

Thursday-Another new recipe,(,1727,150169-224197,00.html)stuffing,buttered carrots

Friday-Frozen Pizza or take out

Saturday-Breakfast-home made waffles,bacon,

Dinner-baked chicken legs,macaroni and cheese, California vegie blend(my favorite vegetable blend!)

Desert-brownies or cookies


I hope you find some ideas from my menu!Let’s hope I stick to it!


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