Vanilla Cinnamon French Toast

Sometimes I like to make new recipes in the kitchen when its just me..Today I was by myself for breakfast so I decided to try a new twist on french toast.I love the combination of vanilla and cinnamon so I thought it would be great for french toast…So here goes:

First I started by scrambling two eggs,about a fourth of a cup of milk a splash of vanilla and some cinnamon..(sorry no measurements didn’t think I needed to be too precise for something like this)…

egg mixture


Then you let the bread soak up all the ooey goodness,and flip over to coat both sides:

bread dipping


After both sides are cooked,you generously butter a large frying pan and fry toast on both sides until golden brown.

fried french toast


Once cooked through serve on a plate with butter and large amounts of syrup..(I love mrs.butterworths brand)!!!

french toast




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