Fried Chicken Wings

Every once in a while Sean and I like to make chicken wings.I never really liked wings because I thought they were only the barbecue sauce type.But Sean makes it with a breading that I like a lot more.We use a combination of flour,seasoning salt and paprika.The wings come out nice and crispy..I love the salty taste of the seasoning salt.

Here is how we make them using our deep fryer..

First you start by mixing flour,seasoning salt and paprika in one bowl:



Then you soak the wings in a bowl with milk..This just helps the breading to stick to the wings:



Then you coat the wings with the breading and set them aside on a plate while you wait for your oil to heat up:



We use a deep fryer to cook our wings..I know its bad for you but we rarely have them so when we do we like to fry them:



You fry them at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes,depending on the size of your wings and they will come out nice and crispy:



I usually serve them in a container like this so we have something to put the bones in..In the past we have also made garlic parmesan wings which are also good but I think my favorite kind is the seasoning salt breading..Hope you enjoy and make these some day!


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