Were Getting Married!!!

So I should have made a wedding post a while ago but I’ve been to excited and deep in wedding plans I just forgot to.But Sean proposed to me on Christmas Day.After church we were heading to his mom’s house.And right after we left my parents house he said he didn’t feel like going to his mom’s quite yet..So he pulled into the parking lot of the park we went to on our first date and we walked up to where they shoot off the fireworks and he asked for my phone..He made an app asking a few questions about me and the last answer was will you marry me,I looked at it and then noticed he was getting down on one knee and he asked if I would marry him..And I said yes right away of course!I was sooo excited!!!So we went back to my moms afterwards and I came in the living room and my brother was all like why are you back,then my mom looked at me and she knew and we both instantly started crying..(apparently she and my dad knew cause Sean asked my dad a couple days prior..)

So We are planning on getting married April of next year.We won’t know the exact date until this April 1st.The place where we are having the ceremony you have to reserve a year ahead of time on the first of that month..We want April 26th..So hopefully we’ll get that date..We originally wanted to have it in march because our anniversary is in march but the weather in Pittsburgh is to unpredictable in March so we went with April.

I’m sure I will be posting more in the future about wedding planning…

Ceremony will be at Heinz Chapel(if were able to reserve it)and reception in the hall of my parents church.I’ve been there before for my cousin’s wedding a couple years ago..Its a beautiful church..Here are some pictures I found off google images.

275px-HeinzChapelfromBalcony 4974763-Heinz_Chapel_Pittsburgh heinz-chapel-1a

Well that’s all for now..Will try to update more often.


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