How I make our iced tea

I found this recipe a few months back on and have been enjoying it ever since!It makes almost a sweetened iced tea.Most of the time I forget to put the lemon juice in and it still tastes good without it! Definitely worth giving it a try if your house hold drinks as much iced tea as we do!

Its very easy to make,you just need to give it time to chill because it tastes better cold without ice cubes..


I get my 4 cup glass measuring cup and microwave until it boils,then add 8 tea bags and steap for about 10 minutes


Then you put a cup of sugar into the bottom of your pitcher and pour the hot tea over top and stir until the sugar melts,then fill the rest of the pitcher with water to the top and chill..



And pour yourself a nice glass of freshly made iced tea!


Recipe Binder/Onion Garlic Burgers!

This weekend I worked on a project I have been wanting to do for a while.I have a ton of loose recipes floating around the house and I wanted to get them in some sort of an organized fashion.So We went to office depot and I  got a binder,paper,dividers and page protectors..I will put the recipes we have tried and liked in here to keep them safe.I always seem to make new recipes but loose them after awhile.So hopefully I will keep all the ones I have tried..

We don’t have a working printer otherwise I would have made a fancier front cover..But here is the front I have for now.

As you can see,I organized it into different categories such as chicken,beef,pork etc…

Also,on Sunday we were both in the mood for burgers,but I didn’t want just plain old burgers so I tried these :, They had great flavor and I will definitely be making them again!Unfortunately the only picture I have of them cooked is in my lunch picture from yesterday.

But here is the cast of characters:ground beef,worcestershire sauce,garlic,onion,salt,pepper,italian-style steak seasoning(I used regular steak seasoning)

Put everything in a bowl and mix it together:


And shape into patties and grill or cook in a skillet..I cooked them on the stove.

On Mondays and Thursdays I volunteer at the Salvation Army..Here is what I took for lunch yesterday..I cut up one of the burger patties and put it over top of rice and mixed vegies on the side!

I liked that you can still see the onion peeking out of the burgers,gave them great flavor!

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Crockpot Beef Strogonaff and Cinnamon cookies!

Last  night for dinner I made some crock pot beef stroganoff…And for desert I made cinnamon cookies!Here are a couple pictures!Enjoy!

Here is the recipe I used for the stroganoff.It was very tasty!



And here is the recipe for the cookies!



Both were very easy recipes that I will definitely make again!

Meet Teemo and Willie

I thought I would do a non-food post for a change.Teemo and Willie are our Guinea Pigs.We got them last October.They are the cutest little guys.I love them so much.Here are some pictures I have had saved on my phone.I hope you enjoy!

This is Willie,he has crazy fluffy hair and is the sweetest little guy!Everyone once in a while if we are laughing at something he will chime in and start squeaking like hes laughing with us.Its soo funny!

This other little guy is Teemo,hes a bit skidish,but don’t let that fool you,if you have food or treats hell come!

This is my favorite picture of the two of them!

Here they are getting a bath..They don’t like water at all as you can see.

And here’s one more of Willie  peeking out from under his dish…He loves sleeping under here.

Well,I hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures.I will be posting more in the future!

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My Famous Lemon Chicken!

Last night I made my famous lemon chicken for dinner.I found it awhile ago at

I have made it several times and each time I make it everyone loves it.So I have dubbed it “my famous lemon chicken”..Its very easy to make and quick to assemble…I almost always double the sauce ingredients because it goes great over white rice.I didn’t realize it until today that I forgot to put the sliced lemon on top of the chicken..It didn’t take away from the taste at all,it just looks nicer with it on top.

I was pretty tired last night  while I made dinner so I forgot to take step by step pictures while making it.I promise I will next time I make it.

Here is the finished product!


I hope you give the recipe a try.I think you will all enjoy it!

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A Few New Recipes

We are running low on groceries so I have to be creative this week.I am trying not to have to go to the store till Thursday..I think we can make it.Last night I made a quick ham casserole.It was pretty tasty!

I mixed some diced ham,cream of  chicken soup,half a can of water and green beans.And topped it with prepared stove top stuffing and put some cheese on top.And baked it for about 40 minutes..It was Delicious and creamy.Next time I think I will try it with chicken.

Last night I made a batch of strawberry oatmeal bars.They are really easy to make.This is a staple in our house because both Sean and I love these!

This is the recipe I use most of the time.I like to keep a container of oats and different kinds of jelly on hand so I can make these at any time.

I hope you enjoy the recipes.I figured out how to post the pictures correctly so they don’t disappear!

This week I have been working on a meal plan.I hope it will work out.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!!!

The saying is oh so true for this post!Yes this is a non-food related post.I will have some from time to time.So bare with me.Last night when Sean came home,he said that someone had put out a desk that I might like.(to clear things up,I have been looking for a roll top desk for ages and have been talking about getting one for ages)So I go outside and to my surprise there is a roll top desk sitting by the(not in it) dumpster!!!I was soo happy..Unfortunately the roll top part was in such bad shape we had to take it completely off.But we plan on making a new one.And also maybe this weekend Sean might take his sander to it so we can stain it!

So Sean got the vacuum and vaccummed the heck out of it.Then I made some mr.clean water and scrubbed the whole thing down and inside and out of the drawers.I do not like bugs and its one of the things that worries me whenever we find furniture outside.So after vaccuming and wiping down I thoroughly sprayed it with lysol a few times..Can’t be too cautious with stuff like this…Then before we went to sleep Sean sprinkled some bar keepers friend on it just to be safe..I also vaccumed all the carpet around it.(LOL I bet our neighbors loved that…this was at like 10:30 last night)So in case your curious for people I’m not friends with on facebook..Here are some pictures!

The white stuff on top of it is the bar keepers friend…Also very good for cleaning bath tubs!

See the missing roll top part…I was sad that we had to take it off…

It has really deep drawers on both sides,that will be perfect for keeping my craft supplies in!

The more I like it I am kinda starting to like the color it is paint already,but it doesn’t go with any of our other furniture…