Melt and Pour Soap

Last week I made some melt and pour soap and thought I would share with you how I make it!Its very simple and easy to do..It also makes great gifts around the Holidays!

This is how the soap base comes,you can get it in big blocks like this.I got these at Michaels,when I get them at Hobby Lobby I get them in bags in little blocks.I like that kind better..Next time we go there I will get pictures.

Gather all the ingredients before you begin,makes the process easier.


Chop the soap base in little pieces and put in a microwave save container

Microwave the soap in 30 second intervals until completely melted and add colorants and fragrance then pour into your soap molds.

You can see some bubbles that have formed on the bottom..I forgot to mention if you spray it with rubbing alcohol it will prevent the bubbles from forming.(The kind of soap I buy at Hobby Lobby doesn’t get as many bubbles which is why I prefer that kind..I wish I could remember the name of it.

It usually takes an hour or two before its completely set up,then pop out of the molds and you have some lovely home made soap.This was lavendar.I also got cucumber melon so I will be making more soon.Hope you enjoyed!


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