Felt Snowman Ornament

Over the weekend I made some felt snowman ornaments.I made the hat out of the finger tips of some old gloves and the body is rolled up felt.I found the idea from a youtube video I watched..

You start by cutting the fingers off the gloves..There were really cheap when I bought them last year at kmart..

Roll the ends of the fingers up a little to form the bottom of the hat.

Cut the felt into small squares for the body.

Roll up the squares and put a little bit of hot glue on the inside so they stick together.

Then put the hat on top.(it is tight enough that you wont need to use any glue.Then you can paint any kind of face you want on it and put a  little button on the scarf.

Aren’t they the cutest little ornaments!I just need to find a way to hang them.The lady in the video put a little pom pom on the hat  but I like them without.


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