How I make our iced tea

I found this recipe a few months back on and have been enjoying it ever since!It makes almost a sweetened iced tea.Most of the time I forget to put the lemon juice in and it still tastes good without it! Definitely worth giving it a try if your house hold drinks as much iced tea as we do!

Its very easy to make,you just need to give it time to chill because it tastes better cold without ice cubes..


I get my 4 cup glass measuring cup and microwave until it boils,then add 8 tea bags and steap for about 10 minutes


Then you put a cup of sugar into the bottom of your pitcher and pour the hot tea over top and stir until the sugar melts,then fill the rest of the pitcher with water to the top and chill..



And pour yourself a nice glass of freshly made iced tea!


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