One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!!!

The saying is oh so true for this post!Yes this is a non-food related post.I will have some from time to time.So bare with me.Last night when Sean came home,he said that someone had put out a desk that I might like.(to clear things up,I have been looking for a roll top desk for ages and have been talking about getting one for ages)So I go outside and to my surprise there is a roll top desk sitting by the(not in it) dumpster!!!I was soo happy..Unfortunately the roll top part was in such bad shape we had to take it completely off.But we plan on making a new one.And also maybe this weekend Sean might take his sander to it so we can stain it!

So Sean got the vacuum and vaccummed the heck out of it.Then I made some mr.clean water and scrubbed the whole thing down and inside and out of the drawers.I do not like bugs and its one of the things that worries me whenever we find furniture outside.So after vaccuming and wiping down I thoroughly sprayed it with lysol a few times..Can’t be too cautious with stuff like this…Then before we went to sleep Sean sprinkled some bar keepers friend on it just to be safe..I also vaccumed all the carpet around it.(LOL I bet our neighbors loved that…this was at like 10:30 last night)So in case your curious for people I’m not friends with on facebook..Here are some pictures!

The white stuff on top of it is the bar keepers friend…Also very good for cleaning bath tubs!

See the missing roll top part…I was sad that we had to take it off…

It has really deep drawers on both sides,that will be perfect for keeping my craft supplies in!

The more I like it I am kinda starting to like the color it is paint already,but it doesn’t go with any of our other furniture…


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