We had a lovely…

We had a lovely relaxing weekend.Slept in late Saturday and made home made pizza for dinner..

Here is a picture of Sean’s pizza,he made an all meat pizza with pepperoni and sausage and cheese!


I made a supreme pizza with onions,peppers,mushrooms and sausage!Very yummy,will give me lunches for the next couple days…


Yesterday I made a new recipe,I call it pizza pasta bake,I’m sure you have seen similar recipes on the internet.But I used broken up spaghetti for the pasta,sauce,and the rest of the pizza toppings we had left over.I also made a ricotta like cheese layer with cottage cheese I pureed in the food processor.I have heard of people doing this and it really is just like ricotta cheese!I think I will be doing this for now on because it is a heck of alot cheaper than ricotta.

This will also give us atleast two dinners of left overs.


And for desert Sean made a lovely carmel sauce to go over ice cream




I hope you enjoyed my first post!Sorry the pictures are so big I am still learning how to use this.I am planning to start menu planning so keep an eye out for that also!


2 thoughts on “We had a lovely…

  1. A good hint regarding the cottage cheese. I’ve always used puréed cottage cheesge in lasagna. I add an egg or two to it and that gives it some body. Delicious in baked pasta dishes.

    • Thanks for the tip!I will have to remember that for next time.We never buy ricotta because lasagna is the only thing we use it for and its expensive and we usually have cottage cheese so I think we will use that from now on..with the eggs in it!

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